In a recent post on Business Analysis Using SWOT, I covered many points entrepreneurs should think about as they analyze their situations when starting a small business. One of the ideas I wrote about was an assumption many entrepreneurs make when it comes to pricing a good or service. That is: I can price less and take business away from a higher-priced competitor. There are several things an entrepreneur should take into consideration when setting prices, not least of which is how competitors set their prices.
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I am fully aware that companies sometimes need to change their policies. When it comes to buying coffee by the pound at Starbucks, it seems the company enjoys frequently confusing their customers changing their policy of what you get when you buy your coffee. Their new policy has sadly driven me to buy from Peet’s or another local coffee shop. [click to continue…]


Business Analysis Using SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats)

February 19, 2010

Each of us knows experts in various fields. When it comes to anything relating to car problems or construction, I contact my friend Brian. When it comes to working on internet servers, I reach out to Noble. Somehow, I have become the expert that many people run new business ideas by. Perhaps it’s because I’ve […]

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Why Do You Make it Difficult to Give You My Money?

January 26, 2010

Dear Sears, While shopping at my local Sears over the weekend, it became increasingly difficult to give you my money. When my wife and I walked in, we knew exactly what we wanted. A $300 bistro set for our patio. We walked in through the main entrance, we passed a 1/2 empty pod of registers […]

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A Customer’s View on Minimum Purchase Amounts (or Why I Won’t Order Photos from CVS)

January 7, 2010

I needed to order prints of some photos the other day. Wanting to get them that day, I uploaded eight photos to the local CVS Pharmacy for pickup. As I checked out, I was informed that I would be charged a $1.49 service fee because my order was under $5.00. (My total was $1.52. In […]

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Wither Helium

October 28, 2009

Two similar stories came out of TechCrunch on Monday: two Web 2.0 companies announced layoffs of 30% of their staffs. One of them, Helium, just raised $17 million ten days ago. Assuming the average cost to carry an employee at Helium costs about $10k per month and staffing costs are about half of the cost […]

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